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Wheelchair users struggle to find the right chair

Thu Nov 23 2017
A recent study has found almost a quarter of wheelchair users have had to buy a second wheelchair, as the one they had previously received had been unsuitable or uncomfortable. This was followed in the subsequent report by the news that only half of the respondents had actually found a wheelchair they were happy with within a year.

Government Forced to Change PIP Rules:

Thu Nov 16 2017
A recent court ruling has resulted in the government being forced to change the rules for PIP applications. These changes are expected to benefit thousands of people by seeing them granted higher disability rights. A major change to the application is the decision to scrap rules based on how “unlikely” a person was to come to harm, and instead, judges have ruled that the DWP should base these decisions on how serious harm can be for the individual, not how likely. Changes like these will mean that a lot of people with conditions such as epilepsy have a much smaller chance of getting rejected for a claim. These changes will also see many existing claimants benefit in various ways.

Product Profile: Invacare Fox Modulite

Wed Nov 08 2017
The original Invacare Fox was released in 2015, a good quality, affordable, entry level powerchair. This model has now been upgraded with the inclusion of Invacare’s Modulite seating. It is the latest in Invacare’s range of SMART powerchairs, combining it’s advanced Modulite seating with the revolutionary LiNX control system providing a comfortable ride and consistent performance. But what exactly is Modulite seating? And what can it do for you?

Appealing a PIP decision

Sat Oct 28 2017
We published, in a previous blog, about the difficulties surrounding government changes since DLA became PIP. Many applicants for PIP have found themselves rejected initially for funding, only to be accepted upon appeal, with no change in circumstance. If you have found yourself in a situation like this, where you feel you have not been awarded the funding you feel you are entitled to, and want to appeal the decision, then continue to read, as we will outline the basic process for appealing a decision through PIP.

Product Profile: Sunrise Medical Quickie Puma 40 Powerchair

Wed Oct 25 2017
Newly supplied by Wheelfreedom, the Puma 40 is a high-end, truly configurable powerchair. Available with lift, tilt and recline on Motablility, this chair offers the unique option of either front and rear wheel drive, allowing the user full control to choose a style which best suits their lifestyle. Choice is a key characteristic for the Puma 40, with other options including your choice of electronics system, with options such as advanced and the powerful R-Net controls.

NHS Wheelchair Services: Wheelchair Budget Reform

Fri Oct 20 2017
On Wednesday NHS England hosted a wheelchair budget marketing engagement event at the London Oval, an event to which Wheelfreedom, as a supplier, was invited to learn about the proposed changes and provide feedback. This provided an opportunity to learn more about the future of wheelchair services and how wheelchair budgets will look in the future.

Trade Days 2017: What It Means for You

Wed Oct 11 2017
On Monday, we attended Trade Days 2017, an annual event exclusively for those who work within the manufacture, supply and retail of home care, independent living and assisted technology. This trade event allows us to witness first-hand exciting new equipment and ideas, meaning we can keep you up to date with all the latest news and forthcoming products.

Wheelfreedom Ahead Of The Curve With LiNX

Thu Oct 05 2017
Invacare are launching the second phase of their revolutionary LiNX system of powerchair controls at the annual Trade Days event on Monday 9th October, and following an exclusive preview from Invacare, we can bring you the lowdown on what these exciting new features mean for you.

PIP and How the Benefit Changes Could Affect You.

Fri Sep 29 2017
In 2013 the government went about changing the long-established DLA (Disability Living Allowance) with a new system, PIP (Personal Independence Payment). This week saw the last of those waiting for their PIP application letters receive them – as everyone moving from DLA to PIP will receive a letter by October.

OT Assessment Service Demand Increase

Wed Sep 13 2017
Over the last few months Wheelfreedom have seen a constant increase in demand for our OT assessment services. Partnered with an experienced Occupational Therapist, we offer an OT consultation service for those needing high-level pressure care and postural support on powered and manual wheelchairs. This service is ideal from everything from a manual Tilt in Space chair, through to high end, custom built powerchairs.

UN Committees examination of the UK on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Fri Sep 08 2017
Across 2017, investigations and examinations have taken place across the UK. These investigations, run by a designated committee of the UN, were designed to look at a wide range of laws, policies & practices, with regards to Disabled rights across the country.

Summer Bank Holiday

Thu Aug 24 2017
Summer is here (even if the weather has been trying to say otherwise) and this means summer bank holiday is coming up. Wheelfreedom will be closed for bank holiday Monday, meaning, if you need to place an order, we won’t be able to deliver until after we are back. We will resume business as usual, with normal working hours on Tuesday 29th August.

New Pride i-Go Folding Powerchair

Tue Jul 18 2017
We often get enquiries from people after folding powerchairs that can easily transport in the back of their car, without the need for an adapted vehicle, ramps or hoists. Until recently, the choice has been limited - traditional "folding" chairs are far too heavy, often even for two people to lift. Invacare's popular Esprit Action 4 NG has been the only powered wheelchair that is truly transportable - but as a prescriptive built-to-order chair, costs over £3,000. Pride's new i-Go fills this niche - a more affordable chair that is easy to transport.

Closing Early - 4th July

Mon Jul 03 2017
We are closing early at 5pm on Tuesday 4th July for a staff training event. If you are collecting or returning a wheelchair or scooter from our depot, please ensure that you arrive prior to this time. For further information, please contact us on 0800 025 8005.

New Boot Scooters from Pride and TGA

Wed Jun 21 2017
This week has seen three new boot scooters released, the Zest and Zest Plus from TGA, as well as the Apex Lite from Pride Mobility. We profile these new products, and how they compare to others in our range.

New Invacare Scooters!

Fri Jun 02 2017
Invacare have just unveiled their range of new scooters - the Orion Metro, Orion Pro, Comet Pro and Comet Ultra. These modern and stylish scooters have been completely redesigned with advanced features and performance, making them amongst the most impressive models on the market.

Introducing the Cabin Car

Tue May 02 2017
We are delighted to announce that we are now suppliers for the new Cabin Car - the ultimate mobility vehicle for those transitioning from a car. Fully enclosed from the elements, it boasts luxury car-like features such as a heater, windscreen wiper and reversing camera to give you a driving experience closer to that of a car than a traditional mobility scooter.

Wheelfreedom Supporting Quantum Star

Mon Apr 10 2017
As a leading supplier of Quantum powerchairs, we were delighted to help when asked to support Quantum Rehab UK's latest Quantum Star, Rhea. The youngest Quantum star so far, Rhea was full of smiles at the official handover of her Q6 Edge 2.0 at Chessington World of Adventures.

Easter Deliveries and Opening Hours 2017

Wed Apr 05 2017
We are closed over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend, meaning that Thursday 13th April is our last day for deliveries. Orders for delivery on the 13th will need to be placed by 3.30pm on Wednesday 12th. Please read on for full details of our Easter opening hours and delivery schedule.

Figures on NHS Wheelchair Services Reveal Delays

Wed Mar 22 2017
The first official figures on delays experienced by those awaiting NHS wheelchairs have been released, and they paint a bleak picture. Thousands of people, both adults and children, are waiting longer than they should, with results varying wildly based on location.

Preview: Quantum 1450

Fri Mar 10 2017
Pride have recently unveiled the new Quantum 1450 bariatric powerchair, which we preview here. Set to be released later this year, it offers a hefty 42 stone weight capacity, significantly above the 35.7 stone that their next best chair can cater to.

Wheelfreedom Partner with Uber

Fri Feb 24 2017
Wheelfreedom have partnered with Uber as they launch their new fleet of wheelchair-accessible vehicles that can be booked via the Uber app. You can get £15 off your first trip when you sign up with our special code.

Quantum TB Flex Seating

Mon Jan 30 2017
We're profiling the new TB Flex seating system from Pride, which bridges the gap between basic "one size fits all" powerchairs seats and expensive prescriptive seating such as Sunrise Medical's JAY, Invacare's Modulite, and Quantum's Tru-Comfort. This allows it to provide a precise fit whilst remaining a cost effective option.

Supreme Court rules on wheelchair bus access

Thu Jan 19 2017
The Supreme Court has ruled this week on a long-running case brought by a disabled man refused entry to a bus because a buggy user would not move from the designated wheelchair space. It has decided that bus drivers must to more to accommodate wheelchair users, but stops short of requiring them to remove those who refuse to give up the wheelchair space to a disabled person in need of it.