Rise and recline chairs provide luxurious comfort with the ability to lie back and relax whilst enjoying furniture that complements your décor. We specialise in made-to-measure furniture, hand-crafted in the UK to provide you with the ultimate in comfort and quality. We supply a full range of complementary furniture to complete your living room collection, including sofas, fireside chairs and more.

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Made to Measure Rise and Recliners

Offering the ultimate in comfort, a made-to-measure rise and recline chair can be comfortably sat in all day long.

Express Rise and Recliners

Our range of affordable Express chairs provide a quick and convenient way to get a rise and recliner as soon as possible.

Fireside Chairs

We offer fireside chairs for those that want a comfortable, fitted static chair that provides them with comfort and support.

Hire Chairs

We offer rise and recline chairs for hire, an ideal solution for those who don't know how long they need one for, or who want to try one out before buying.

We are specialists in rise and recline chairs, and are able to help you with all your furniture needs. Our product experts are experienced in assessing for the appropriate furniture, and can demonstrate all the motor options, and carry out a full seating assessment so you buy a truly made-to-measure chair that is comfortable for use throughout the day.

Our fully stocked Chessington showroom on the London/Surrey border allows you to try out our range of rise and recline chairs, including all the backrest, armrest and seating options available.

Our range includes UK-made hand-crafted furniture which can be customised to match your seating needs and décor with a vast selection of fabrics. For those needing a chair quicker, we also provide Express chairs in set sizes. We also provided a full selection of complementary furniture, including sofas, fireside chairs and footstools, ensuring your furniture matches.

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