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Powered Wheelchair Seating

Fri Dec 27 2013
When choosing a powered wheelchair, it`s important to get the right seat for it – after all, at its most basic level, a wheelchair is a seat with wheels. A wide range of seating options are available over the numerous wheelchairs that are made, and it can be tricky for a beginner to know what is best for them.

Introducing The New Apex Rapid

Fri Dec 13 2013
The latest addition to our fleet of scooters is Pride`s new Apex Rapid. An upgrade on the popular Go Go range, it is a luxury travel scooter with impressive features. The stand-out feature on the Apex Rapid is the full suspension – something not found on any other scooter of its size, and which gives a far more comfortable ride than on more basic scooters.

Featured Product: TGA Vita Lite

Fri Dec 06 2013
The Vita Lite may be smallest member of TGA`s popular Vita range, but it retains the impressive styling and performance the Vita brand is known for. Released just a few months ago, it is a modern mid-sized scooter that offers cutting-edge features.

Quantum Range Coming Soon

Fri Nov 29 2013
Wheelfreedom are pleased to announce that we’ll soon be offering Pride Mobility’s range of advanced Quantum powerchairs. The Quantum range encompasses a number of different models of powered wheelchairs that cater to people with a range of needs, with wheelchairs for indoor and outdoor use, as well as specialist bariatric and paediatric wheelchairs.

Featured Product: Sterling Sapphire 2

Fri Nov 22 2013
The Sterling Sapphire 2 is our featured product this week, and while not a new mobility scooter, it has remained consistently popular with customers due to its unique offerings. The Sapphire offers all the performance traditionally associated with larger pavement scooters, whilst remaining highly transportable. Simple to use, it comes with the engineering quality that Sunrise Medical`s Sterling range is known for.

Christmas Opening Hours And Deliveries

Fri Nov 15 2013
With the busy Christmas period quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to think of hiring a wheelchair if you`ve got an elderly relative visiting, or wish to get out and join in the festive celebrations. It will therefore be a relief to know that Wheelfreedom are delivering wheelchairs nationwide in the run-up to Christmas.

Pride of Britain Karin Williams Thanks Wheelfreedom For Wheelchair

Fri Nov 08 2013
Wheelfreedom have recently supplied a wheelchair to Pride of Britain Award winner Karin Williams, who threw herself in front of an out of control car to save the lives of several schoolchildren. The wheelchair helped Karin with her rehabilitation from her injuries, and she has thanked us for the "world of good" it did her.

Wheelfreedom Announces Partnership With MS Society

Fri Nov 01 2013
Wheelfreedom has partnered with the Multiple Sclerosis Society to offer those with MS ten per cent off the charge of hiring a wheelchair from us. Since launching in 2007, many people with MS have taken advantage of our hire service, and we are now able to offer an additional saving through our partnership with the MS Society.

Complimentary Journey On Emirates Air Line

Wed Oct 23 2013
After campaigning from disabled access groups, the Emirates Air Line, also known as the Thames Cable Car, is now offering a complimentary journey for users of mobility scooters and powerchairs. This journey is valid until Sunday 27th October, and can be claimed by either going to the North Greenwich Terminal or Royal Victoria Dock Terminal.

Which Wheel Drive?

Fri Oct 18 2013
Powered wheelchairs are often advertised as having a certain drive, such as being “rear wheel drive”. For those inexperienced with wheelchairs, it can be confusing what exactly the difference is, and what the pros and cons of each are. Put simply, it refers to which wheels are powered by the motors. This can affect the performance of the wheelchair, particularly its manoeuvrability.

Trial A Sunrise Medical Jive Powerchair

Fri Oct 11 2013
The Jive is a modern and advanced powerchair from Sunrise Medical. Sitting at the top of our range, it gives outstanding off-road performance when used outdoors, far beyond the pavement use that most other wheelchairs are limited to. However, it is also a big investment for anyone looking to acquire one long-term, which is why we uniquely offer the chance to try one out first, to see the difference it can make to your daily life.

TGA Minimo Scooter Launched

Fri Oct 04 2013
The Minimo is a new transportable scooter made by market leading manufacturer TGA Mobility. Not just a new product, the Minimo is also a new concept – a fully foldable scooter. As one would expect from its name, the Minimo is small. This makes it ideal for transport between locations, and great for storage.

Featured Product: Wheelchair Powerpack

Fri Sep 27 2013
Our wheelchair powerpack is a nifty addition to a manual wheelchair for those who may struggle to push a wheelchair around. Easy to fit to a wheelchair, it does the hard work for you, and is more than capable of managing general daily use.

Off-roading With The Supersport

Sat Sep 21 2013
The Supersport is an iconic scooter that we have recently added to the fleet of products that we are able to offer. Known for its motorbike-inspired appearance, the Supersport is a true off-road scooter and offers more than just good looks.

New Range Of Pavement Scooters Added

Fri Sep 13 2013
In response to customer demand, we`ve recently added a range of pavement scooters to our stable of products. These fill a niche for those after a mobility scooter to use on the pavement who don`t need their scooter to be transportable. This allows pavement scooters to be sturdier, and to offer some advanced features not found on smaller scooters.

Pride Fusion Rolls In

Fri Sep 06 2013
This week we`ve added the Pride Fusion to the growing number of powerchairs that we`re able to offer for hire and purchase. Made by global mobility specialists Pride, the Fusion crams an incredible number of advanced features into a compact frame, and amazingly manages to remain affordable too.

The Breeze - Bigger Truly Is Better

Fri Aug 30 2013
When it comes to mobility scooters, the TGA Breeze 4S is truly the top of the range. Suited to those that have no intention of compromising on quality, it is one of our most popular scooters for those hiring on a long-term basis.

Featured Product: Pride Sparky Powerchair

Fri Aug 23 2013
Just like shoes and school uniforms, children can quickly outgrow a wheelchair. It’s therefore vital when looking to get a paediatric wheelchair for the long-term to ensure that it is capable of growing alongside your child. The Pride Sparky is from a new generation of wheelchairs that accommodates this, and comes with fully adjustable seating arrangements.

Crutch Holders Now Available

Fri Aug 16 2013
In response to recent feedback from customers, we`ve now made crutch holders available for hire. These come attached to the frame of a wheelchair, and allow the user to conveniently carry around their crutches with them hands-free.

TGA Eclipse The Competition

Fri Aug 09 2013
The TGA Eclipse is a premium mobility scooter that we are able to supply on long-term hire and for sale. Offering more than one would expect in a traditional small scooter, it is proving popular with customers seeking a reliable boot scooter from a leading brand.

High Court Dismisses Challenge To Housing Benefit Changes

Fri Aug 02 2013
As a follow-up to our previous article on changes to housing benefits, we can bring an update on the implementation of housing benefit reforms.

Pride Jazzy Select 6 Lifts Off!

Fri Jul 26 2013
Due to recent demand and the immense popularity of the product, we are now making the Jazzy Select 6 powerchair available for short-term hire. We already offered this stylish wheelchair for both long-term hire and purchase, but its unique offerings mean that we have had significant interest from those looking to hire it on a short-term basis.

Hire Now To Enjoy The Sun!

Fri Jul 19 2013
With the sun shining down on much of the country, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors. We’ve seen a surge in demand for wheelchairs and mobility scooters in the last week, as people with limited mobility look to join in the fun.

Introducing The Roma Reno

Fri Jul 12 2013
The Roma Reno is yet another newcomer to our stable of products, having been released just earlier this year. Already proving a hit with customers, it has quickly become one of our most popular powered wheelchairs.