Quickie Neon2

The Quickie Neon 2 is a lightweight active wheelchair featuring a compact folding frame that enables it to be easily transported in even the smallest cars. It is a mid-range wheelchair, offering a significant improvement in performance and efficiency over more basic entry-level models whilst remaining affordable. The Neon2 will be bespoke built to match your requirements, whilst retaining a large degree of adjustability to adapt to changing needs or developing wheelchair skills.

Product Description

Frame and Transport

The sleek, effortlessly foldable open frame of the Neon2 allows it to be folded up to very compact dimensions, particularly compared to the box frame of more basic models such as the Life F. Swing-away footrests make for easy standing transfers whilst reducing space when folded, and the optional forwards fold-down backrest further cuts down on space. With the overall light weight of the wheelchair, this makes the Neon2 the ideal partner for those who wish to travel regularly.

Folding framed wheelchairs as a whole are heavier and less energy efficient than their rigid counterparts - however, the Neon's reinforced frame and firm cross brace and seat tubes help to provide fantastic performance. Reducing the flex of the wheelchair when in motion, they give a rigid feel, all without having to sacrifice the benefits of a folding frame.

Options and Seating

The massive breadth of options on the Neon2 allows it to be built to a specification that is perfect for you, from low-maintenance Spinergy wheels to prescriptive seating such as JAY backrests and cushions. The Quickie manual wheelchair range has long been known for leading the market with innovative technological developments, and these have now been rolled down onto the mid-range Neon2, allowing it to be built with ultra-light options such as carbon fibre sideguards and platform footplates, and carbotecture castor forks. The Neon2 also allows for a significant amount of subsequent adjustments, including the rear seat height, centre of gravity - which can be changed from a passive, stable setting to a very active energy efficient one, and the backrest angle that can be adjusted even whilst in the chair. This allows the Neon to adapt to your changing requirements as well as improving wheelchair skills as you gain experience.


The Neon2 is bursting with both style and personality, with a beautiful selection of 32 frame colours, which you can contrast with accent colours for the upholstery trim, castor forks, wheel rims and more to create a unique design. A wheelchair with individuality, once you are done customising your Neon2 it is not just wheels that will turn - heads will too.

Our Verdict

When compact dimensions and easy transfers matter, the Neon2 is the wheelchair to go for. It is a highly versatile chair - with a weight capacity of up to 140 kg, and can be built to meet a wide range of needs, and customised to match your style. Within the Quickie range, it sits between the Life F - a more basic chair with a less active profile and larger box frame, and the lighter but significantly more expensive Xenon2. While more experienced wheelchair users may prefer to opt for the Xenon, which is over 2 kg lighter and has more active options such as a fixed front frame, the Neon2 is nonetheless an impressive model striking a good balance between performance, cost and adjustability.

We suggest trying the Neon2 alongside Ki Mobility's Catalyst 5VX, which is the direct equivalent in their range. It can also be worth considering TiLite's Aero X2 and Kuschall's Compact 2.0 - while both are a bit more expensive than the Neon2, they are impressive lightweight folding chairs.

Key Features

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    Mid-range folding wheelchair
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    Unique ultra-compact folding frame
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    Large range of adjustments
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    Personalise your style

Our Service

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All aftercare is carried out by our experienced engineers, with a fleet of mobile engineers, and a fully stocked workshop at our HQ - we don't get a third-party company to carry out our work.

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