Alber E-Motion M25

Alber's E-Motion M25 power wheels are a push-rim activated add-on that take the strain off propelling yourself. Each push on the push rim is registered by the in-built sensors and translated into the ideal amount of power assistance, meaning it takes less effort to travel greater distances or on slopes. This helps to protect your muscles and joints from strain and premature wear, whilst still maintaining your physical fitness and activity in a manual wheelchair. They are also ideal for those with limited hand function, and can accommodate imbalances in strength. Light, powerful and well-designed, E-Motions are the definitive powered wheel add-ons from market leaders Alber.

Product Specification

Speed5.3 mph / 8.53 km/h
Weight15.6 kg / 2st 6lb
Range15.5 miles / 24.94 km
Power Add On TypePower Add-On, Power Wheels
Weight Capacity150 kg / 23st 9lb