A SMART and Fast Upgrade for Invacare Powerchairs

Thu May 09 2019

Invacare recently announced that their SMART powerchairs are now available with a new 12km/h SSD motor option. This means that some of Invacare’s most popular powerchairs, including the Storn4/ Storm4 X-plore, TDX SP2 range, TDX2 Ultra and Kite powerchairs. Previously each of these powerchairs (except the Storm4) was only available at 10km/h, but that’s not all.

Invacare have announced that this 20% increase in speed will be available ‘at no additional cost.’ This is shown as the new 8mph motored powerchairs retail at the same price as their 6mph counterparts. There is still a cost to upgrade from a 4mph to the new top speed of 8mph, however.

SSD motors were introduced in 2011 for its high durability and low maintenance. This has allowed these powerchairs to have a long lifespan and keep you out and about without any problems

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