Wheelfreedom Support QEF With Powerchair Training

Thu Sep 26 2019

We hosted a training course at the QEF Mobility Services centre in Carshalton last week. Bringing along a selection of our powerchair demonstration fleet, we brought the attendant OTs up to date with the latest products and features.

QEF are a charity that work with disabled people to support their independence, and their Carshalton site focuses on mobility – both driving adapted cars, and powered wheelchairs. We brought along 18 of our demonstration powerchairs – with products changing constantly as new models enter the market, and exciting new technology being introduced, it was a chance for those in attendance to get to grips with the latest technology.

This included the prestigious new Q-series range from Sunrise Medical, launched just last year and being expanded further this year, advanced LiNX control systems from Invacare, innovative new features from Quantum, and the latest in transportable folding powerchairs. A large number of Occupational Therapists and other QEF staff members were present, and took the chance to get hands on with different seating set-ups and control systems, as well as trying out the drive performance on their test track.

We then spent the afternoon supporting one of QEF’s assessments for a patient who found it difficult to tolerate bumps and jolts from uneven surfaces. The Spidertrac 2.0 suspension of the Quickie Q700 M made this much more manageable, and the popular Deep Contour Flexi backrest was a great success.

Wheelfreedom will return to QEF Carshalton on the 9th October for their annual Get Going Live! event, where you will have the chance to meet our experienced assessors and trial a range of new products.