Vicair Pressure-Relieving Cushions Profiled

Thu Apr 18 2019

As a trusted Invacare dealer, Wheelfreedom are able to offer the unique Vicair range of pressure-relieving air cushions and backrests that provide an exceptional level of skin protection and stability. Designed and made in the Netherlands, the innovative nature of Vicair has been recognised by the award of the Grand Prix at the ‘Salon des Inventions’ in Geneva, Switzerland. We profile the Vicair range and how it could benefit you in this article.

Air has long been recognised as the best medium for pressure relief – outperforming even gel, but has drawbacks – namely that it is unstable and tends to leak. Each Vicair cushion or backrest is made up of several compartments containing multiple air-filled Smart Cells. These unique cells may look like pyramid tea bags, but are extremely strong – to the extent they are backed up with a lifetime warranty, so you don’t have to worry about leaks.

The Smart Cells allow a Vicair cushion to conform to the body’s contours, while the shape of the cells and compartments makes it extremely stable, creating and maintaining the optimum posture for you. They can be easily adjusted simply through adding or removing cells from the relevant compartment. Highly breathable, a Vicair cushion dissipates heat and moisture far better than traditional pressure cushions, eliminating another source of pressure sores.

The new O2 range of Vicair cushions is machine washable for easy cleaning, and requires virtually no maintenance, unlike normal air cushions that need a pump and daily monitoring.

Vicair products can suit a wide range of needs, whether for passive users in tilt in space wheelchairs, powerchair drivers, or active users who are self-propelling – particularly as they are so light. With a wide selection of cushions and backrests available, as well as multiple sizes, people ranging from children to bariatric users can benefit from a Vicair product.

For further information on the Vicair range, or to book an assessment, please call our office on 0800 0258 005, or contact us through Facebook, Instagram or via Twitter @Wheelfreedom.