Quickie Q100 and Q200 updates!

Fri Feb 07 2020

Since its release in 2018, the Q100R has taken the market by storm as an incredibly compact quality powerchair at an affordable price. It is now joined by its "bigger brother" the Q200R, which offers even better outdoor performance, and both models are now available with premium Sedeo Lite seating for the highest levels of comfort.

The Q100R has really impressed us since it was launched - unlike traditional rear-wheel drive powered wheelchairs, it is incredibly compact and handles brilliantly, giving it an unprecedented level of manoeuvrability for an outdoor-capable chair. Previously only available with swing-away legrests, it can now come with a centre-mount footrest instead, which makes it even better at navigating around tight spaces.

The Q200R has joined the Quickie Q-series range, as the "next step up" - very similar in design to the Q100, it is slightly larger, with bigger wheels and a top speed of 6 mph, making it even more capable outdoors. Unlike the Q100, it is also available with powered seating options - both a backrest recliner, and seat tilt. Recline is ideal for achieving a more relaxed position, particularly when combined with elevating leg rests, while tilt helps with transfers, comfort and pressure relief.

Both models come as standard with an adjustable seat with canvas tension-adjustable backrest which can be set to a range of sizes and provides good comfort for moderate use. However, with the Sedeo Lite seating system now available, the comfort of both Q100 and Q200 has been taken to a whole new level. With a range of premium Sedeo cushions, backrests and positioning options, it is the choice for people spending much of the day in their powered wheelchair and who want the maximum comfort.

For further information on the Q-series range of wheelchairs, or to arrange your demonstration, call us on 0800 025 8005 to speak to a product specialist.