Product Profile: Invacare Fox Modulite

Wed Nov 08 2017

The original Invacare Fox was released in 2015, a good quality, affordable, entry level powerchair. This model has now been upgraded with the inclusion of Invacare’s Modulite seating. It is the latest in Invacare’s range of SMART powerchairs, combining it’s advanced Modulite seating with the revolutionary LiNX control system providing a comfortable ride and consistent performance. But what exactly is Modulite seating? And what can it do for you?

Modulite seating is a specialist seating arrangement, designed by Invacare, to provide the most support and comfort for the user. Modulite allows for a variety of seat support and cushion options, which can be used to obtain the perfect postural alignment, and optimum comfort. This can be used to accommodate simple or complex seating requirements, offering more options in seat sizes, comfort backrests and can be fitted with powered recline.

The Fox powerchair allows for both indoor & outdoor use, with a turning radius of just 815mm, and its compact, adjustable chassis shows that manoeuvrability and stability are key. Being at the entry level for powerchairs it is perfect for someone on a budget, but who needs specific postural support. With the Modulite seating, it means that the Fox powerchair offers a lot more in terms of personalisation than more basic models, such as the Roma Marbella or the Pride Fusion, as these are not specifically built to order, providing a ‘one size fits all’ style seat. The addition of the Modulite seat also makes the Fox a viable and more affordable alternative to the Invacare Bora (Spectra XTR3) for those that need advanced seating.

Here at Wheelfreedom we have a demo model, of the Fox Modulite, if you would like to try it for yourself, one of our Product Specialists can bring it out for demonstrations and assessments.

For more information on the Fox Modulite or to book a consultation, please call us on 08000258005. If you would like to share your opinions on the Fox Modulite then feel free to contact us via our Facebook page, or on Twitter @Wheelfreedom.