Paediatric Wheelchair Hire

Fri Nov 22 2019

Often the need for a wheelchair for a child is urgent and unexpected – Wheelfreedom provide a convenient, quick hire solution for these situations. We stock several models of children’s wheelchairs to suit a variety of needs, and this article covers your options.

Children’s Manual Wheelchair – available in two sizes, to take children between the ages of 2 – 8. Light and folding, it can be easily transported, while large self-propelled wheels and push handles allow the child to manoeuvre themselves or be pushed. This is also available with elevated leg rests (for example if the child has a broken leg) and a reclining backrest if required.

For older children and teenagers, the narrower sizes of our adult folding wheelchair or elevating legrest wheelchair will be a better fit for those too tall for our standard children’s wheelchairs.

If your child is going to spend longer periods of time in their wheelchair, our Children’s Tilt in Space Wheelchair would be more suitable – with padded seating, and both tilt and recline. This allows for more comfortable prolonged use.

Finally, for those requiring a powered wheelchair, we have a limited supply of the Zippie Salsa M available in paediatric seat sizes.

To place your order for a paediatric wheelchair, call our product specialists on 0800 025 8005 or enquire via our Facebook page or Twitter @Wheelfreedom .