Little Wave Makes A Splash

Thu Jun 27 2019

When picking a wheelchair for your child, you want one that will last. It’s all very well outgrowing school uniform, but a wheelchair is a more significant cost, and it needs to fit perfectly for your child to get the most out of it. The Little Wave Clik solves this problem with in-built growth, ensuring it remains suitable for years to come.

The Little Wave Clik is the perfect chair for developing wheelchair skills – the dynamic 5th wheel allowing for an active set-up on the chair, yet balancing stability and the freedom to go where you want.

It’s also super-light, with quick release wheels and an easy-fold backrest, resulting in a transport weight starting at just 5.67 kg – letting you take your Little Wave anywhere.

Our demo chair features the popular light-up rollerblade castors, gold accents, as well as the lightweight and maintenance-free mag wheels. These not only look great; they remove the worry of fingers catching in the spokes.

If you’d like to arrange a demonstration of the Little Wave Clik, please call our product specialists on 0800 0258 005 or contact us through Facebook, Instagram, or via Twitter @Wheelfreedom.