Folding Scooters: Minimos and Maximos Explained

Wed Nov 06 2019

Folding mobility scooters are incredibly popular at the moment – light and compact, they’re the most convenient way to travel. With an increasing number on the market, it can be confusing knowing which one is right for you. TGA were early pioneers of high-tech folding scooters, and we profile their prestigious range in this article.

Minimo – the original, this is the lightest and most compact model and highly manoeuvrable. It is also the cheapest, although it doesn’t offer quite the same comfort and luxury features of other models in the range.

Minimo Plus 4 – featuring a traditional four-wheel design for improved stability, the larger pneumatic tyres offer more comfort over the Minimo’s smaller solid wheels. This has been a favourite over the last year, and will really impress you with the quality of ride.

Minimo Autofold – the latest addition, this is essentially the Minimo Plus 4 but with an automatic-folding mechanism. This saves you the hassle of having to fold up (or unfold) your scooter, and is activated at the touch of a button.

Maximo – the “bigger brother” of the Minimo range, it’s larger and more powerful. There is a real step up in comfort, with a luxurious padded seat as well as advanced suspension. It gives the best ride of the range, although it is a bit bigger and heavier – so is best partnered with a hoist to get it into your car.

Maximo Plus – the same as the regular Maximo but with an enhanced 6 mph range to let you get where you want to go, quicker. If you’re after a top performing folding scooter, this is it.

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