Featured Product: ViaPlus V12 Powerpack

Mon Feb 17 2020

The ViaPlus V12 is a powerpack specifically designed to fit Invacare's Rea Azalea and Rea Clematis tilt in space wheelchairs. While this makes it a relatively niche product, it is also incredibly useful for those wanting push-assist with their Azalea, as it fits perfectly to the chair without compromising on its functions.

Tilt in Space wheelchairs are by nature heavier than standard wheelchairs, and thus there's all the more need for some help with pushing. The ViaPlus V12 provides this - taking the strain off the attendant, who only has to steer. It also acts as a braking aid, ensuring the wheelchair can cope comfortably going down hills and ramps - many basic powerpacks don't offer this.

While there are plenty of powerpacks available, the ViaPlus V12 is the only one designed specifically for the Rea Azalea. It fits discreetly to the chair, and doesn't impede any of the seating functions, such as tilting and reclining it. What's more, it can remain attached permanently to your Azalea, being crash tested, so you never have to worry about de-mounting or re-attaching it.

We've found the V12 to be the perfect partner for care-home situations, where multiple carers might be operating a wheelchair. It's simple to use, and helps even the slightest person push what can be quite a heavy load, ensuring the wheelchair user is able to get out and about, and participate in activities.

If you'd like any further information on the ViaPlus V12, or to arrange a demonstration, please call us on 0800 025 8005.