Beat The Rain With The Cabin Car Mk2 Plus

Fri Oct 18 2019

With the poor Autumnal weather setting in again, the Cabin Car has once more come into its own. Now refreshed with the release of the Mk2 Plus version, it is the ultimate mobility vehicle – fully enclosed from the elements, with in-built windscreen wipers, integrated heater, and luxury features only usually found in cars.

The Cabin Car has been established now for a couple of years as the perfect choice for those after an all-weather mobility vehicle. The new Mk2 Plus variant is the most advanced mobility scooter in the world – you won’t find a reversing camera on other scooters.

The enclosed cabin keeps you safe from wind and rain, without the impact on stability that soft vinyl canopies can have in strong winds. Your visibility is ensured thanks to the windscreen wiper – anyone who has tried driving with an old-fashioned canopy in the rain will know you quickly can’t see a thing once it’s covered with raindrops! Strong LED headlights illuminate your route, whilst your comfort is ensured by an in-built heater – or even a heated seat should you wish to upgrade to the ultimate luxury.

It’s not just for winter though – lower the windows or turn on the aircon, and the Cabin Car will give you a cool ride when summer comes back around.

All Cabin Cars are assembled in the UK, allowing for a high degree of personalisation, such as the popular custom paint jobs. If you’d like a demo, please call us on 0800 025 8005 to book yours in.